Friday, 1 October 2010

Sky kick start new era with 3D TV

Sky today announced the launch of its 3D channel
, marking a turning point in the TV viewing experience as 3D is well on the way to becoming a TV staple.

This shows that 3DTV is not just a flash in the pan and it’s now a force to be reckoned with. It has made the leap from the Big Screen into our living rooms transforming TV viewing for the future. However, whilst the 3D TV experience is impressive, it’s still a fairly expensive technology and viewers might need some convincing before they’re prepared to invest.

Recent research from Deloitte shows that only two per cent of British consumers plan to buy a 3D TV in the near future. And many viewers will have recently bought a new TV surrounding the HD TV hype.

In order to convert the mass market, content is key. And with promises to broadcast 14 hours a day in 3D, Sky are clearly in a strong position to kick start this new TV era. With TV fast gaining pace with the technologies of the Big Screen, the way is paved for an all encompassing viewing experience.

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