Thursday, 28 October 2010

Service providers prepare for the increasing demand for on demand

On-demand players such as iPlayer and 4OD have enjoyed huge success in the last couple of years; catering to viewers’ increasingly busy lifestyles, on-demand content allows people to watch what they want, when they want. But the growing popularity of broadband delivered TV has led to a large increase in the volume of data traffic and concerns over net neutrality.

This week Alcatel-Lucent Velocix and TalkTalk have been the first to announce that they are developing a new dedicated Content Delivery Network (CDN) ahead of YouView’s launch next year. The CDN built by Alcatel-Lucent Velocix will run over TalkTalk’s existing high speed IP network.

The move by Alcatel-Lucent Velocix and TalkTalk indicates another turning point in how we as an industry are working to address the evolving landscape of TV. Is the roll-out of new CDNs something that all service providers should invest in or is it just a precautionary measure?

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