Thursday, 30 August 2012

Second screening becomes big business

24% of people are using second screens whilst watching TV, and almost half of all 16-24 years olds use social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to discuss what they’re watching, according to new stats in Deloitte’s new report.

Viewers are interacting directly with the programmes they’re watching, but they’re also increasingly talking about the content within the programme with their friends on social media networks. There is a real opportunity here from those broadcasters and advertisers that react quickly to this growing trend. Advertising specialist YuMe, has stated there is a window of opportunity for them to pitch their wares to a growing connected TV audience, as for now they will interact with the ads out of a simple curiosity.

To make of the most of this, advertisers should therefore be leading the way for consumers, providing interesting and personalised content so that when they do go online using their connected TV, they have something compelling to interact with.

There’s also a huge opportunity for manufacturers to get involved here, and we are seeing a growing number of companion apps becoming available that consumers can use to interact with their favourite TV shows. Integrating social media networks into the viewing experience for example, means viewers can be more engaged with their favourite TV shows, following the relevant hashtags on Twitter and discussing with friends online. 

These latest stats show viewers are becoming more accustomed to using second screens and interacting directly with the programmes that they’re watching. So faced with a more switched-on connected TV audience, the onus is firmly on the TV industry to create a converged first and second screen experience so compelling that it could potentially have more impact than a single screen experience.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

ANT Galio Move shortlisted for Connected World awards

Good news! As well as being shortlisted for the CSI awards last month, ANT Galio Move has now also been shortlisted for the Connected World TV awards! We’re in the running for the ‘Best native app for a portable device’ category.  The judging will take place by a panel of experts over the next month and the winners will be announced during this year’s IBC event which runs from the 7th – 11th September.

Launched at last year’s IBC show, ANT Galio Move is an application that allows consumers to stream live and recorded TV direct to tablets and smartphones anywhere in the home. Using ANT Galio Move, viewers can watch the same programme as the main TV, stream a different channel or watch a programme previously recorded on the STB (Set-Top Box). The app connects directly to the STB meaning it can manage recordings, access additional programme information and quickly navigate through the EPG (Electronic Programme Guide), extending the capabilities of today’s STB beyond the living room. All of which can be done without disrupting the main TV experience.

It’s been really well received by the critics and we’ve spent the last 12 months in development, preparing to launch a whole range of new exciting features at IBC 2012. If you’re attending the show this year, please feel free to visit our stand to see ANT Galio Move in action.

We’re delighted with the results of ANT Galio Move’s latest features and testament to its success in the market is the fact that we’ve been shortlisted for two highly prestigious industry awards in as many months. We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for the Connected World awards ceremony, but please do wish us luck!

For more information on ANT Galio Move please visit the ANT website.