Thursday, 29 January 2009

CES 2009: An Appreciation of Innovation

I returned from CES a few weeks ago, nevertheless I’ve been planning to blog on this for a quite some time so here it goes.

This years Consumer Electronics Show once again provided the forum for new products, new technologies and new ideas of how it all might work together. In the backdrop of broader global economic challenges, this show certainly provided the inspiration to march forward into 2009 on the right foot.

A number of interesting new technologies caught my eye while in Vegas, ranging from advances in seamless wireless connectivity, connected home services, Microsoft’s Surface Tables, 3D Gaming and TV experiences, embedded services to truly brilliant Web Connected TV’s.

With a personal project underway back at home, I was impressed to see a diverse set of well priced solutions for distributing content around the home. This came in the form of solutions like the Divx Connected TV device that allows you to stream content (video, pictures, music and applications) in HD to your TV or watch on your PC. There was also a wide range of HDMI to Ethernet switches & transceivers, making it much easier to distribute from a central location around your home in HD – if only these were available before I started a few month ago… Even so, the vision of a connected home was realised in a very practical way by a number of exhibitors.

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