Friday, 30 January 2009

Global IPTV subscribers reach 16 million

It’s always useful to keep an eye out for new industry forecasts. The latest set conducted by US research company Dittberner (as posted on Broadband TV News), says the total number of IPTV subscribers worldwide has reached 16 million, marking a significant growth compared to previous years.

Moreover, the research revealed that EMEA has seen the most growth in IPTV subscribers and more specifically France has the highest number of subscribers with the second highest broadband penetration level worldwide. France's high IPTV adoption was attributed to its extensive deployment of home gateways that allow the “efficient creation of higher revenue services”.

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Nancy Harris said...

IPTV subscribers worldwide grew 10% quarter-on-quarter, according to the US research firm. A year ago Western Europe had 68% of the global market. Asia's share will continue to grow and will likely overtake Western Europe in 2008/09.