Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Cable & Wireless launches UK's first nationwide IPTV platform

Cable & Wireless has announced a £70 million deal with Inuk Networks which will see it enabling the delivery of television, telephony and broadband services.

The service will be delivered through Inuk subsidiary Freewire which currently has an initial focus on the student market, with over forty universities representing over 100,000 student rooms. Cable & Wireless will also white label Inuk's IPTV platform to other wholesale DSL customers that want to provide their customers with a digital television offering.

IPTV has yet to take off in the UK. BT Vision is the only other provider to offer IPTV services in the UK, but it can’t do multicast unlike Cable & Wireless. Freewire has an established customer base in an influential market sector.

But it remains to be seen whether Cable & Wireless will benefit from a first mover advantage albeit to a limited market segment. BT Vision hasn't done anywhere as near as well as expected, so this is the operator's chance to take a leadership role in an emerging market.

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