Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Is this the tipping point for connected TVs?

Netflix announced plans on Monday to launch its online movie streaming service in the UK and Ireland, in early 2012. The new service will put it in line with Amazon’s LoveFilm and the recently launched YouTube Movie channel. Netflix shelved the plans for a UK launch several years ago after an initial failed attempt. But, as we see a ramp up in activity surrounding connected TVs and STBs for 2012, a re-launch isn’t much of a surprise.

2012 signifies a tipping point for the connected TV market. Manufacturers and retailers have been talking about the connected TV experience for some time, but in reality, the benefits are yet to be realised by the majority of consumers. 2012 is the year where this is set to change – and we’re expecting a host of services like this one to be launched in the coming twelve months as the market responds to growing consumer demand.

As TV technology becomes more intelligent and more interactive, consumers are looking for services and applications that deliver opportunities to explore and discover richer content, while staying true to the traditional TV viewing experience. As consumers become more au fait with the potential of connected TVs to enhance their experience, services like this are set to revolutionise the way we consume TV – an exciting time for both the industry and viewers alike.

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