Thursday, 17 June 2010

Whether it is factories in Bangladesh being asked to stop work to ensure there’s enough electricity for people to watch World Cup football on TV, or thousands of
British HD viewers complaining after an advert interrupted England’s first goal; the football viewing experience is firmly under the spot light.

While weekend matches are attracting crowds in the pubs, day time matches are tempting office workers to seek their football fix online. The online picture quality is pretty good and traffic to the top news websites peaked during the Mexico v South Africa game with 12.1 million visitors per minute. And, there are new TV viewing records being set. ITV said 20.1million tuned into the England/USA game (its highest viewing figures for four years).

So, what are we missing – apart from a win from our first game? Maybe, a pair of glasses and the next match in 3D. Sky has already started to screen some English football matches in 3D. But, what would a 3D viewing experience do for the World Cup? Let’s hope we find out in 2014.

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