Thursday, 24 June 2010

Channel Four – a digital TV fairytale

The story that’s caught my eye this week is a report on how digital TV services are driving profit for ‘traditional’ broadcaster Channel Four.

After a tough financial year, the TV giant is attributing a small turn in profit to the growth of its digital programming schedule. This, for me, is a reflection of the real progress being made in evolving the TV viewing experience, as many flagship broadcasters here in the UK begin to turn the spotlight on digital services, and examine the real commercial value they could bring.

So, why have Channel Four’s digital TV services been so successful? With so many digital TV channels on offer today, consumers can become lost for choice. With its staple diet of popular programmes such as Hollyoaks and Skins, plus iconic sitcoms like Friends, E4 and E4+1 provide viewers with easy option viewing, knowing they’ll almost always find something they like. And, as on demand services continues to gather pace, the launch of 4od means that viewers can watch their favourite soap or get their Big Brother house fix, any time they like. Nicely done.

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