Friday, 24 July 2009

D&AD recognises interactive widget designs by students

I came to notice that this year’s D&AD Student Awards has received some excellent entries from students around the world.

Earlier this year, D&AD, an educational charity for creative, design and advertising communities partnered up with BBC to set a creative brief for students to develop digital widgets. According to the brief, students were asked to come with an interactive idea and design for a widget that would make the most of BBC's content and present it in a compelling and engaging way.

Although this year’s entries have seen a range of interactive widget designs mostly for the web and mobile phones, none of the widgets were designed specifically with the TV in mind. Perhaps TV wasn’t specified as a platform in the brief, nevertheless it goes to show that the TV is being forgotten by a new generation of young designers, I think they’re missing a trick.

The widget design that came closest to being developed for TV was this one:

It’s something we’ve seen discussed in the industry before and the design and implementation here is very good, the next step of course is to move it from the PC onto the TV screen.


Fergal Kilroy said...


Just to let you know that this piece of work did have an element based around the red button and interactivity on Television to be able to use the Tag Player on screen.


Fergal Kilroy
D&AD Student Awards Manager

Richard Baker said...

Thanks for the feedback Fergal, there looked to be some excellent entries and I certainly applaud Christian Söderholm and Dennis Rosenqvist for their efforts.

It’s good to know the red button was put to good use too.

We hope to see more of these type of widgets crossing over to the TV in the future.