Thursday, 8 November 2012

What impact will Amazon’s monthly option on Prime have on the movie rental market?

Amazon is testing a new monthly option for its video-streaming service, Prime.  Prime already offers free two-day shipping, free video streaming and access to Amazon's Kindle e-book lending library. The company is now offering a monthly option for the service on its website, which is more comparable to Netflix's streaming video subscription.

Whilst the move signals Amazon is stepping up the competition against main rival Netflix, it’s also a sure sign that much like the music market, streaming and digital downloads are coming to dominate the movie market. Given Amazon’s strong position in the online media market, it’s not surprising it’s added another string to its bow with its monthly Prime service. It’s thrown down the gauntlet to the likes of Netflix and Hulu and we’re likely to see an influx of similar services as the acceptability of digital rights management to both content owners and consumers grows.

But it’s not just about quantity. Broadcasters looking to capitalise on this digital trend would be wise to take a leaf out of Sky’s book. Content has always been king with Sky, and broadcasters need to do in the movie space what Sky’s done with sports. High quality content that consumers actually want to watch will persuade more viewers to subscribe to these online services. Not only this but it’s important to make them device independent so viewers can enjoy the movie experience on the go, wherever they might be.

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