Monday, 6 June 2011

About-turn for government plans to make TV local

Jeremy Hunt has announced a major policy shift in his plan for a new generation of local TV services, moving from the idea of a national network “spine” in favour of a series of individual stations. But what does this mean for the TV industry?

The biggest challenge faced as a result of these government plans is not how the service will be deployed, but what they will deploy. Times are changing for the TV industry, with consumers expecting far more from their viewing experience.

If approached in the right way, these local TV services will open new doors for content providers and advertisers alike. But whether it is delivered via a national network spine or individual stations, content providers must look beyond broadcast to deliver a truly localised service. Connected TV’s and set-top boxes, combining access to broadcast and broadband content in a single user experience are the future of TV, allowing viewers, to not only pick and choose what they want to watch, but when they want to watch it.

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