Monday, 16 May 2011

Connected confusion for TV viewers

Another week, another UK region gears up to make the big digital switch – and this time it’s the turn of viewers in the South East! This project signifies an exciting time for the TV industry, as digital viewing transforms the way we receive and consume our content.
As the broadcast industry goes digital, device manufacturers are keeping pace with the introduction of exciting new TV services. Consumers increasingly expect more flexibility from these services and personalised viewing remains a priority. Connected TVs have the potential to transform the way we interact with this new content. Worryingly though, there’s a missing link in the chain from industry to consumer.

Whilst there is a host of connected devices in the market and in consumers’ homes, there’s not enough being done to help to educate consumers on how to get the best from them. Connected devices with features that can enhance the TV experience are sat in living rooms across the UK unused. The onus is on the industry as a whole – broadcasters, device manufacturers and retailers – to ensure that when a consumer invests in new technology, they’re able to appreciate all of its features.

ANT CEO, Simon Woodward, discussed consumer confusion when it comes to connected TVs here:

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