Friday, 4 March 2011

Bridging the app

The launch of the iPad 2 has created yet another wave of talk about apps for consumer devices. With its faster processor and dual cameras, the iPad has been hailed as the device that will change the face of applications. And the app store is clearly here to stay.

But what impact does the ‘app store’ have on TV? Currently, viewers can enjoy a range of new services on their TVs, through apps enabled by connected TV sets and Set-top boxes. As the TV app market develops, apps need to be designed with the TV viewer in mind. It’s not simply a case of reformatting existing PC and mobile applications for the TV. At the end of the day, the ‘killer app’ for TV, is TV; consumers want a passive viewing experience, where they can sit back and relax, while absorbing high quality personalised content.

We are likely to see an increase in social media applications for the TV as social networking becomes more prevalent and viewers want to interact instantly with their friends about what they’re watching. But other apps will need to deliver value added content for the viewer if they are to get a look in.

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