Monday, 26 July 2010

Connected-TV catches up in France

A new report from Nouveaux Paysages Audiovisuels Conseil (NPAC) has shown that more than a quarter of TV sets in France will be internet-enabled by 2012. Only 5% of TV sets currently have the ability to connect to the internet but this is expected to grow to 14% in 2011 and then 28% by 2012.

This growth is expected to be reflected globally, NPAC has predicted that by 2014 59% of TV sets will be connected to the internet. This growth is driven by increased viewer demand for access to both broadcast and online content via one centralised experience. The TV provides an ideal channel for these sources of rich media content, bringing on-demand and interactive content straight to the viewer in their living room.

The report also states that the “biggest winners with the arrival of connected TV will [be] non-linear services, like VOD and catch-up TV”. It is essential that broadcasters provide viewers with access to this ‘must have’ content, as this is what attracts and retains subscribers. But the presentation and delivery of the combination of online and broadcast services remains vital, merging the two into one seamless experience, is the key to unlocking the TV experience of the future.

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