Wednesday, 31 March 2010

IPTV sees its strongest year of growth yet

A recent report by Point Topic has shown that last year IPTV had its strongest year of growth to date, with 10.8mn new users globally subscribing to IPTV services.

Strong growth in the Asia-Pacific region is now thought to account for 32% of the global IPTV market. But the fastest growth was seen in the Americas with 58% more subscribers this year. And, although the Middle East & Africa have only recently adopted IPTV, the number of subscribers shows a significant growth of 11.8% more subscribers in 2009 than 2008.

Here in Europe we are also seeing a keen uptake of IPTV services. France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Russia are all in the top ten countries for IPTV adoption in 2009. Which Point Topic states is down to product bundles and keen competition.

We are pleased to be seeing the number of IPTV subscribers grow year on year, and look forward to the product innovations that will drive continuous growth in 2010.

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