Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Operators need to provide new TV services much more quickly

Yesterday’s news that Comcast is to drop Microsoft’s cable-TV guide will not come as a shock to many. Operators across the world are realising that the ability to provide new TV services quickly and effectively could be a key differentiator in attracting and retaining consumers.

TV providers don’t want to be locked into technology solutions that provide little flexibility. In fact, we’re speaking to many operators who believe that only open standards client applications will enable them to take back control of when and how content is distributed. So, I think we’ll soon see a backlash against closed-systems.

The heart of the matter is that people want personalized TV, not just more TV. Content needs to be tailored and simple to access. Functionality needs to be easy to use and more importantly it needs to be relevant to the viewer.

Consumers in the future will expect more new and personalised services and many operators realise that they need to use open standards browsers in order to deliver these services to customers quickly and easily. Frequent introduction of new services is critical to operators keeping customers and increasing revenue.

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